Imagine IM Plant Opening

August 28 2017

ImagineIM officially opened its North Geelong graphene production facility in August, signalling continued growth in Geelong’s advanced manufacturing sector.

The world-first plant, which produces the super-material graphene for commercial-scale applications, such as smart geotextiles that are able to report on the structural health of infrastructure in real time, demonstrates confidence in Geelong’s manufacturing capabilities. This confidence is shared by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre which announced a $250,000 grant to co-fund projects commercialising graphene at an industrial scale.

Chris Gilbey, CEO of ImagineIM said, “Its [graphene’s] integration into products will lead to manufacturers being able to generate larger top line revenues, improved margin contributions and higher return on capital invested. Better still, the IP is being created in Australia, by Australians, for the global market.”