Engineering capabilities, Geelong

The Geelong region has developed an extensive engineering capability to support local industry. This capability has largely developed to service major industry but has grown to tap new markets.

Engineering Network Geelong (ENG) was formed in 2009 as a major initiative to develop and grow the engineering sector in the region.

Engineering Network Geelong consists of a diverse group of 50+ engineering companies working together to provide complete engineering solutions to local, national and international customers. ENG has generated an estimated $135m of work in the Geelong Region for members.

Engineering Network Geelong members service industries such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Defence
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure and major process industries.

In Geelong, leading companies in the sector include:

These companies work closely with the Geelong Manufacturing Council to promote the region both internally and externally, as a leading manufacturing centre in the 21st century. If you would like to be a part of these exciting times in Geelong, join the Geelong Manufacturing Council today and learn how to make your business grow.