“The Geelong Manufacturing Council played a critical role when our business changed course: getting the word out through GMC’s networking channels was key to our successful transition. We have also highly valued the input from various experts at the regular events and utilise the training programs to up-skill our employees.

I consider the GMC a critical part of the Geelong manufacturing eco-system”.

Lyn George
Director – Austeng


“Our membership of the Geelong Manufacturing Council has supported my team and the HR Department in creating solid bonds with other managers and leaders across industries in Geelong to discuss and solve some similar challenges – everything from reducing GHG emissions and improving our sustainability programs, to training plans, payroll systems, and efficiency projects.

Being part of the GMC will continue to be extremely beneficial for our malted barley operations in Geelong, supporting our business in all manner of areas. I take the opportunity to thank Jennifer Conley and her team for making this possible!”

Jeremy Thiblet
Australia & New Zealand Regional Operations Manager


“I truly enjoyed the day. I found that all discussions went to a much greater level of detail and honest feedback than I’d previously witnessed. The transparency and courage in the discussion was tangible and highly welcome by many”.
(GMC Technology & Innovation Summit)

Alessandra Sutti
Associate Professor, Institute of Frontier Materials


“Geelong Manufacturing Council has been a valuable resource for Boomaroo Nurseries, keeping us well informed of upcoming opportunities for innovation and growth, strategic plans within the region and initiatives taken by like-minded manufacturing businesses. Most significantly, networking opportunities and GMC programs have directly contributed to research and development, and innovation projects being delivered within our business”.

Nick Jacometti
Director, Boomaroo Nurseries


“A special thankyou to the Geelong Manufacturing Council for sponsoring the Geelong Business Excellence – Advanced Manufacturing Award. Farm foods was thrilled to win this year. It was a great boost last night for our employees in what’s been a tough year for the meat industry with Covid 19.

We appreciate the support, guidance and networking, training and development options the GMC offers”.

Greg Hughes
CEO, Farm Foods


“Our frontline leaders are able to identify, lead and implement improvement projects. This is a great development opportunity for leaders”.

Leadership Program IPL