About Geelong Manufacturing Council


Comprising over 100 manufacturers in the Geelong region who collectively employ over 10,000 people, stakeholders from government, education and service providers; Geelong Manufacturing Council members meet regularly to highlight, discuss and resolve issues pertaining to manufacturing to promote and support regional economic growth.

Our vision

To position Geelong as an internationally competitive manufacturing centre in the 21st century. We will achieve this through facilitation and support for manufacturing by:

  • Developing and sharing sustainable best practice
  • Encouraging the growth of technologically advanced manufacturing
  • Promoting a favourable operating environment for manufacturing in Geelong.

Our mission

To have a positive impact on the sustainability of our local manufacturing industry, ensuring that companies and investors are confident in the future of manufacturing in the region. That in turn will build a vibrant, successful and prosperous regional community.


  • Provide leadership and drive funding for projects important to the manufacturing sector in Geelong
  • Promote and assist the existing manufacturing industry in Geelong
  • Promote Geelong as the preferred location for new manufacturing endeavours based on emerging technologies
  • Provide a focus of coordination for diverse manufacturing segments
  • Work to improve the linkages between government, manufacturing enterprises and the community
  • Lead the implementation of the “Manufacturing Strategic Plan – Building a Sustainable Future”
  • Work to link manufacturing with other significant regional strategies through networking and lobbying
  • Work with government to facilitate investment in the region through networking and lobbying.

Our history

The Geelong Manufacturing Council was established in 1998 through a partnership between the Australian Chamber of Manufacturers (now the Australian Industry Group), the Geelong Development Board and the City of Greater Geelong.

The Geelong Manufacturing Council was set up as a non-political, not-for-profit organisation and is funded by industry partners who wish to promote the region as a dynamic and innovative manufacturing centre, as well as providing manufacturing support and engineering support services to industry members.
The Geelong Manufacturing Council is a non-political not-for-profit organisation funded by industry partners who wish to promote the region as a dynamic and innovative manufacturing centre of the future.

Annual reports

Please refer to the link below for the our most recent Annual Reports:

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Contact the Geelong Manufacturing Council for more information, or if you would like to join the Council as a new member.


Our aim is to deliver significant skill outcomes to accelerate Geelong towards advanced manufacturing.


Problem / opportunity

  • How do I leadership my skills to create better outcomes?
  • How do I develop my team to deliver better outcomes?

Solution / resource

Leadership development at all levels of your organisation via:

  • CEO Connect
  • Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence
  • Women in Manufacturing Network Mentoring Program


Problem / opportunity

  • How do I increase my productivity?
  • Who is doing well in this area?

Solution / resource

  • CEO Connect
  • Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence
  • Specialist workshops and seminars


Problem / opportunity

  • What do I do?
  • Who can help me?
  • Where do I go?

Solution / resource

  • GMC Innovation Programs
  • RICP
  • Specialist workshops and seminars


Problem / opportunity

  • How do I find out relevant, timely and industry focused information?

Solution / resource

  • CEO Connect
  • GMC member meetings, updates and briefings
  • ENG Membership and major projects briefings

Business opportunities

Problem / opportunity

  • How do I identify opportunities?
  • Who can help?
  • Where do I get information?

Solution / resource

  • ENG business connections and tender dissemination
  • Diversification and Innovation Program
  • GMC Meetings and member networking


Problem / opportunity

  • What is diversity?
  • What are others doing?
  • Who can help?
  • What’s in it for my business?

Solution / resource

  • Women in Manufacturing Network
  • Geelong Future Leaders of Industry & Girls Leading Advanced Manufacturing
  • Seminars, workshops and event

Advocacy needs

Problem / opportunity

  • How do I get help with an issue?
  • Who can help me?
  • How can I access decision makers?

Solution / resource

  • GMC Membership
  • ENG Membership
  • Stakeholder community representation

Grants & funding

Problem / opportunity

  • What grants are available?
  • How can I successfully utilise grants for my business?
  • Which grants best suit me?

Solution / resource

  • GMC Programs
  • Team knowledgebase
  • Connection to funding bodies