Innovation Network Advisory Committee

The Innovation Network Advisory Committee provides support and drives program development for industry advancement. The committee also provides guidance on GMC member and industry activities, including the Technology and Innovation Summit.


Innovation Network Advisory Committee Members

Matt Dingle

Matt Dingle │ FormFlow

Matt is a leader of innovation in building technology. His growing Geelong business, FormFlow, has developed a world-first process that enables sharp bends to be created in corrugated iron. The bend technology revolutionises the design and construction industry by delivering smooth transitions between corrugated sheet sections at a range of angles.

Matt is also co-founder of Carbon Revolution, now a global technology company and Tier 1 OEM automotive supplier, and Matt continues to develop and commercialise new technologies and innovative solutions.


Ross George

Ross George │ Austeng

Ross George has played a critical role in the early growth phases of several innovative companies, driving the development of new technologies through R&D support and commercialisation. Austeng has a particular interest in green engineering with projects including: 1) a virtually silent wind turbine; 2) high quality pipes using recycled tyres; 3) an efficient green waste to low cost electricity generation system; 4) 100 year maintenance-free geopolymer bridges with 80% reduction in carbon emissions (compared to reinforced concrete); 5) a hydrogen burner prototype, demonstrating how a cremation furnaces can be powered by a blend of hydrogen and gas. Ross and his wife and business partner, Lyn, are founding shareholders of FormFlow, successfully commercialising the company’s world first technology, the FormFlow bend.


Jack Fitzgerald

Jack Fitzgerald │ Think Fencing

Jack Fitzgerald is Founder and CTO of Think Fencing, an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the plastics industry and committed to the future of sustainable high end, long lasting products and circular solutions.

From humble beginnings mowing neighbor’s lawns to founding a multi million dollar international manufacturing company, Jack has a broad set of skills bringing new products and revenue streams to the table, all whilst streamlining manufacturing operations and driving marketing and commercial sales. 

He is an innovator and disruptor to industry – asking “why not” when most people ask “why.” 


Pieter De Koning


Pieter De Koning │ Air Radiators

Mechanical Engineer and MBA, Pieter is a business leader with extensive experience in advanced manufacturing system design and implementation, quality management, materials management and business strategy, including technical strategy and process improvements.

As engineering manager at Air Radiators, Pieter is responsible for all technical product development matters, including system/product development, manufacturing systems, production processes definition and improvement as well as problem solving for Radiators and associated products. 


Peter Meikle


Peter Meikle │ Universal Motion Simulation

Peter joined UMS in October 2021. His role is to lead UMS to achieve its vision of becoming internationally recognised as the leading supplier of the most innovative and realistic motion platforms for military ground vehicle simulation.

Peter’s previous experience includes Chief Executive Officer, Product Development Director, Strategic Marketing director, project manager, consultant and engineering roles across small and large technology based companies, technology commercialisation consulting and small high-tech manufacturers, including in highly regulated environments.

His experience includes Invetech, Xtralis, CRM Advisory and Grey Innovation.


James Mullins

James Mullins │ Flaim Systems

James is the founding researcher of FLAIM Systems which develops world-leading multi-sensory immersive learning solutions for training in hazardous and emergency situations.

James created FLAIM after completing a Bachelor of Engineering at Deakin University and has since completed his PhD in robotic engineering. As a third-generation firefighter, he was uniquely positioned to apply his deep knowledge of advanced engineering principles to solve the problem of increasing and improving training opportunities for firefighters through the development of a world first immersive technology virtual training solution.


Luke Preston

Luke Preston │ Quickstep

Engineering and Manufacturing leader with over 20 years’ experience in high paced and dynamic manufacturing industries with companies such as:

  • Ford Motor Company, leading manufacturing engineering programs in Australia and Germany; 
  • Amcor Packaging, through a major restructure in the fibre packaging division;
  • Tesla in the USA, leading major programs including significant upgrade to existing automated production lines and the introduction of the critical general assembly line for Model 3 product and;
  • Carbon Revolution, guiding the company through the IPO process and introduction of the industrialised manufacturing system known as the Mega-line.  

Luke is bringing this experience to Quickstep to unlock rapid growth through the engineering of composite products and manufacturing systems, driving new solutions such as the Brolga sovereign drone and the Aeroline high volume drone manufacturing system.