GMC's strategic goals

Geelong has a long and rich history in manufacturing. The sector and the flow-on benefits it generates for the rest of the economy continue to mark manufacturing as a significant pillar of the economic landscape and regional community.

Manufacturing drives disproportionate benefits to the rest of the economy. R&D investment in manufacturing feeds innovation across society, and the sector is the key contributor to high-value export earnings.

The Geelong Manufacturing Council’s strategy identifies the core activities and priorities which will ensure success for manufacturers and technology leaders in our region.

The 2022-2024 strategic plan is guided by three key pillars fundamental to our vision:

Knowledge Sharing

Growing skills, capabilities, and facilitating opportunities; stimulating innovation, product & market diversification; accelerating the transition to advanced manufacturing; enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem


Creating a positive manufacturing environment; attracting talent and investment


Facilitating opportunities; enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem; supporting the pursuit of excellence across manufacturing