Strategic Goals

Geelong has a long and rich history in manufacturing, with the sector and its support activities recognised as a significant contributors to the economic landscape and regional community. We believe that through the success of our members, manufacturing has the capacity to contribute even more to economic growth and prosperity by building
on existing strengths. Geelong is a unique place to live, with a tangible eco-system that promotes co-operation and innovation, imperative to a successful manufacturing sector.

Accordingly, the objective of the Geelong Manufacturing Council’s strategy, is to raise the level of economic contribution by the manufacturing sector through activities that will encourage the sector to achieve its full potential. The importance of manufacturing has become evident in the current pandemic which has highlighted the importance of retaining local manufacturing and supply chains.

This strategy is the product of extensive input from our members, partners and stakeholders, expertly facilitated by John Dean and Garry Wall of Bremer+Co.

As background, a range of reports, studies and strategies were used as reference to bring local, regional and national policy settings to the work. Over 100 meetings with our members and stakeholders helped us to understand what their hopes and aspirations, goals and challenges are for the future. This in turn shaped the strategy. The process was
very constructive, and we thank our members for their support and co-operation in the formation of the strategic plan.

The strategic plan is guided by three key pillars which have been identified as fundamental to our vision. They are:

  • Working with our members to increase their capabilities;
  • Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem; and
  • Pursuing areas of common benefit and interest to our members.

This strategic plan has 12 key strategic goals which are clear and specific, enabling us to monitor outcomes that ensure we are on track to achieve the plan.

It is vital that we, together with our stakeholders, clearly understand the key activities that contribute to progress. Annual tracking against the identified measures will guide us as we remain agile in the activities pursued in the achievement of the strategy.

This strategy will guide our activities on a day to day basis and we will use the measures developed in the strategy to report our progress yearly through our Annual Report.

The successful implementation of the strategy will be only achieved through meaningful and deep collaboration and ongoing input from our members and stakeholders.

In closing, I would sincerely like to thank all our members for the fantastic input and support during this time, and thank our Directors for their guidance with vision development and further implementation of the strategy.

Lyn George, Chair & David Peart, CEO

12 Strategic Goals

1. Accelerate the transition towards advanced manufacturing (AM)

2. Identification & support of opportunities in high growth sectors

3. Increase product & industry diversification

4. Facilitate business opportunities for members

5. Increase the number of high growth firms in the region

6. Facilitate increased productivity across members

7. Stimulate innovation activities across the sector

8. Increase the uptake of investment capital in the region

9. Increase diversity & inclusion across the sector

10. Advocate with impact for important member issues

11. Influence positive change to regulations & policy to support strategic objectives

12. Encourage the pursuit of excellence across manufacturing