GMC's strategic goals

Geelong has a long and rich history in manufacturing. The sector and the flow-on benefits it generates for the rest of the economy continue to mark manufacturing as a significant pillar of the economic landscape and regional community.

Manufacturing drives disproportionate benefits to the rest of the economy. R&D investment in manufacturing feeds innovation across society, and the sector is the key contributor to high-value export earnings.

The Geelong Manufacturing Council’s strategy identifies the core activities and priorities which will ensure success for manufacturers and technology leaders in our region.

Over 100 meetings with members and stakeholders, facilitated by John Dean and Garry Wall of Bremer+Co, helped us to understand the goals and challenges for the future. This in turn shaped our strategy. We thank all of our members for their guidance and input.

The strategic plan is guided by three key pillars fundamental to our vision:

  • Growing skills, capabilities, and opportunities
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and attracting investment
  • Creating a positive manufacturing environment

Our strategic plan has 12 key goals:

Growing Skills, Capabilities and Opportunities

1. Accelerate the transition towards advanced manufacturing (AM)

2. Identification and support of opportunities in high growth sectors

3. Increase product and industry diversification

4. Facilitate business opportunities for members

Enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and attracting investment

5. Increase the number of high growth firms in the region

6. Facilitate increased productivity across members

7. Stimulate innovation activities across the sector

8. Increase the uptake of investment capital in the region

Creating a positive manufacturing environment

9. Increase diversity and inclusion across the sector

10. Advocate with impact for important member issues

11. Influence positive change to regulations and policy to support strategic objectives

12. Encourage the pursuit of excellence across manufacturing