Geelong Manufacturing Council programs

The Geelong Manufacturing Council’s vision is to position Geelong as a leading dynamic, technologically advanced and internationally competitive manufacturing centre in the 21st century.

Geelong Manufacturing Excellence Network Program

The Geelong Manufacturing Excellence Program is funded in part by the Department of State Development and Business Innovation Manufacturing Productivity Network Program and is designed to support manufacturing and related businesses to increase productivity, competitiveness, skills and sustainable profitability.

There are four streams of activity within the Geelong Manufacturing Council Network Program:

Innovation Acceleration Program

This high level program is a first for Geelong and is facilitated by internationally renowned thought leader, business model and innovation management strategist Göran Roos. Aimed at CEOs, Senior Managers and Small Business Owners the program follows an internationally recognised 18 step process designed to increase business revenue growth. This program comprises 10 workshops at a Geelong venue over a 12 month period.

Similar programs conducted in South Australia yielded significant benefits including increased revenues of over 10%, for participating companies, with resultant improved profitability and business success.

Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence

This program, now in its fourth year, is aimed at equipping current and emerging business leaders with the strategic leadership capacity required to succeed in today’s tough manufacturing environment. Through a series of workshops, case studies, site visits and peer learning, this unique program offers participants the opportunity to create both business and personal
development plans to enhance leadership skills and personal impact to lead the organisation and its people through transformational change. Featuring workshops on Leadership and Culture, Innovation and Lean Systems, this hands-on program is facilitated by business growth specialists Roaring Success, Culture and Team Performance professional Craig Biddiscombe and Lean experts TXM.

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Leadership Alumni and Continuous Improvement

Open to graduating participants of the Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program, this is a forum to strengthen networks and peer support, assisting participants to deliver on both their business and personal development plans and providing skills for mentoring others.

Manufacturing Excellence Series

A series of monthly seminars and workshops aimed at promoting best practice and creating peer networks amongst manufacturing professionals in the region. Topics include: Innovation, OH+S Management, Employee Engagement Asset Care and Reliability Maintenance, Quality Management Systems, Accelerating Business Growth, Succession Planning and Lean and Six Sigma.

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Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme offers easy-to-access practical support for Australian businesses in a simplified and streamlined way. The programme is a new approach to the way government provides services to business. With a national network of more than 100 experienced private sector advisers, the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme offers support to businesses through business management, research connections and commercialising ideas. Practical support includes business evaluations, and business growth grants. For further information about these programme offerings please visit Entrepreneurs’ Programme or or call 13 28 46.

Regional Industry Collaboration Program

 What is the Regional Industry Collaboration Program? 

The Regional Industry Collaboration Program (RICP) is an initiative of the Victorian State Government and the Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC). The RICP will help regional businesses build innovation and agility and create growth opportunities through access to the extensive expertise, technological infrastructure and global networks at regional universities and research institutions such as Deakin University and the CSIRO. Click here for the RICP Homepage

GreenLight Project

The Green Light project, funded in part by Sustainability Victoria and delivered in partnership with Deane Belfield of Eco2sys, Future Proofing Geelong and Barwon Regional Waste Management Group has been completed, with over 30 regional companies from a broad cross-section of the manufacturing industry participating.

Attracted by the opportunity to further transition towards becoming a sustainable low-waste thriving enterprise, these companies have been engaged in a valuable and thought-provoking journey. The program is intentionally incremental; each stage builds on the knowledge and learnings from prior stages, whilst embracing step-change thinking.

A tailored action or delivery plan is now being developed for each organisation to bridge the gap towards becoming a more sustainable and low-waste enterprise. This becomes the road map to follow over the remaining six to eight months of the Green Light program.

Highlights of the program include international and local guest speakers relevant to each theme, site visits, insights by participants and a collective sense of the potential for collaboration as participants begin to see the opportunity for their organisation to embrace the future, prosper and be part of the Future Proofing Geelong vision.

Previous Projects

LEAN manufacturing

With funding from Regional Development Victoria, the Geelong Manufacturing Council Lean Root-Cause Problem-Solving Program was aimed at companies seeking to build on their Lean programs by training team members in methodologies and techniques to solve recurring problems and make improvements. The program was facilitated by David Scott from the Lean Sigma Institute and comprised three workshops and site-mentoring visits where participants were coached through the process to solve real issues. The results were impressive – one company saving over $150,000 per year in energy costs, another reporting yearly savings of $75,000 through waste reduction.

Manufacturing problem-solving case-study

Sustainable industry - competitive advantage through environmental sustainability

This free program facilitated by Deane Belfield, an expert in sustainability, comprised seven workshops; participants worked through a comprehensive methodology to improve business outcomes through the implementation of sustainability strategies. Topics included:

  • The sustainability advantage
  • Sustainability self-assessment
  • Sustainable policy
  • Benchmarking and continuous improvement systems
  • Behavioural and cultural change for sustainability
  • Site visits
  • Greening the supply chain.

 Sustainability Program Case Study

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