Fibres, textiles and clothing, Geelong

Geelong was founded on the strength of its textiles, clothing and footwear industries, with the region’s long association with the wool industry resulting in the establishment of a number of wool and textile-related industries. Godfrey Hirst Australia, for example, is Australia’s largest carpet manufacturer and in the top 10 internationally, and is based in Geelong.

Geelong and the Surf Coast are also home to some of Australia’s best-known surfwear and leisure clothing companies, including Rip Curl and Quiksilver.

Advanced fibre, including carbon fibre has grown considerably in recent years. With the addition of Carbon Nexus (Carbon Fibre tow line) as part of the $102m AFFRIC project, the region has now established itself as a serious centre of activity in Carbon Fibre Investments by Carbon Revolution $24m and Quikstep Automotive which have provided impetus for future growth. Deakin University has established a worldwide leading capability in Carbon Fibre research and product development, which will lead to huge opportunity for spin-off and future start-ups in this sector, attracting more companies to Geelong.

Other leading textile, clothing and footwear companies in Geelong include:

Whether a new textiles manufacturing company considering Geelong as the location of their operation, or an existing organisation looking for opportunities for expansion or ways to improve their business, look to the manufacturing professionals at the Geelong Manufacturing Council for advice and assistance.