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August 4 2015

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 Enterprise Access – free access for GMC Members.

GMC is passionate about practical innovation – helping members transform their businesses so that they are competitive now and into the future. We’re on the lookout for new ideas, novel technologies and research innovation to stay ahead of the pack and one of the biggest challenges is knowing where to look or who to call to find out.

We are pleased to announce that GMC has partnered with Impact Innovation Group to provide an additional way to make it easier and faster for members to uncover the next big thing for their business. Called Enterprise Access (www.enterpriseaccess.com), GMC members now have the opportunity to access a new platform that lists the latest technologies and research outcomes across a variety of industry sectors.  The website is new in the way that it presents new ideas, technologies and research projects from leading universities and research organisations.  If you see a project of interest the website provides a messaging platform for you to make contact with the right person, saving you time and effort.

Please contact the GMC Office (Tel. 5222 8000) for further information.

GMC members have free access. We have negotiated an arrangement with Enterprise Access  to provide our members with a month’s trial registration to the site.  Follow these simple instructions and you’ll have access is less than 5 minutes.

We encourage you to get involved with this initiative – gain your competitive advantage!