DMTC joins Technology & Innovation Summit

April 16, 2024

We’re pleased to announce DMTC are Supporting Partners of Thursday’s Technology & Innovation Summit, presented by GMC.

DMTC was established in 2008 under the Australian Government’s Defence Future Capability Technology Centre Program. Formerly known as the Defence Materials Technology Centre, DMTC supports Australian defence capabilities by advancing the knowledge and technical capability of Australia’s defence industry. Through collaborative research projects – involving industry and research partners – critical technologies and capabilities are being developed that address key defence and national security challenges and drive capability outcomes to meet Australia’s sovereign national security objectives.

DMTC is driving both technology development and technology transfer outcomes for defence industry in Australia. Their commitment to building industrial capability, including through practical initiatives such as the Smart Enough® Factory program, extends beyond the scheduled final workshop for each cohort of companies and provides ongoing guidance and resources to maximise the benefit that will accrue from their digital transformation journey. Pairing with organisations like the Geelong Manufacturing Council advances opportunities for local connection and collaboration, and prompts conversations that can focus attention on practical solutions to everyday challenges for the sector.

For further information on DMTC head to their website.