National Reconstruction Fund Joining Technology & Innovation Summit

April 9, 2024

We are pleased to announce the $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund’s inaugural CEO, Mr Ivan Power, will be speaking at next week’s Technology and Innovation Summit.

The Australian Government established the National Reconstruction Fund Corporation (NRFC) to invest $15 billion to diversify and transform Australia’s industry and economy.

Ivan became the NRFC’s first CEO in February 2024. Ivan has extensive experience in finance, investment and capital markets, including through a successful 20-year career at Macquarie Group in Sydney and London.

Since 2019, he has worked with early-stage Australian companies as a direct investor and adviser. He has also advised Australian Government agencies, including the Commonwealth Treasury, the Department of Social Services and Housing Australia. He has served as chair or director of various social enterprises in both London and Sydney.

Ivan will be a panellist on Evolving the Old economy to the New Economy session, which is being chaired by Viva Energy chair, the Honourable Robert Hill, former Senator and Minister for the Environment and Minister for Defence. Join us at 8.45 a.m. next Thursday to hear this compelling discussion.

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