Big manufacturing challenges insights & bright spots

July 6, 2022

GMC members enjoyed a tour of Geelong Tech School‘s state-of-the-art facilities before a discussion on big manufacturing challenges of 2022 at the recent GMC Connect.

Special Guest Speaker Emeritus Professor Roy Green, provided an overview of the current Australian policy framework and what might lie ahead with the new Federal Government, particularly in light of Australia’s low economic complexity.

Roy highlighted Australia’s heavy reliance on commodities and lack of economic complexity, particularly compared to similar countries such as Canada (see graphs below). Australia’s lack of economic complexity is a challenge, as it leaves us exposed to global economic shifts and competition – things that a more complex, sophisticated economy largely mitigates.

Economic Complexity (source Harvard University)

Roy is Emeritus Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, where he was Dean of the UTS Business School. He chaired the Australian Government’s Innovative Regions Centre, CSIRO Manufacturing Sector Advisory Council, NSW Manufacturing Industries Advisory Council and Queensland Competition Authority. Currently, he chairs the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub and Port of Newcastle, and he is a director of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC and member of the NSW Modern Manufacturing Taskforce.

Representatives from member companies Jack Fitzgerald of Think Fencing, Ross George of Austeng (& Chair of the Geelong Tech School Advisory Committee) & Justin Thompson of Workforce XS Geelong joined a panel discussion on attracting & retaining skills – where they see the gaps & approaches they’ve taken to overcome the challenges of a very tight skills market.

Skills Panel

Members also enjoyed connecting & sharing their own experiences during networking time following the formalities.

Businesses interested in learning more about partnering with Geelong Tech School to bring real world projects, giving the students and teachers a better understanding of industries and the skills they value, are encouraged to contact Leanne Collins, Director, Geelong Tech School on or 5225 0441.