Regional Prosperity Geelong 2020

April 8, 2015

                                                                              Interactive Design Workshop-1

Interactive Design Workshop-1

Regional Prosperity Geelong 2020

The Geelong Manufacturing Council together with Enterprise Geelong is pleased to offer an Interactive Design Workshop:

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Venue: Novotel, Geelong (10-14 Eastern Beach Rd.)

“You cannot dig a new hole by digging the same hole deeper” Dr Edward de Bono – who coined the phrase ‘lateral thinking’  

Geelong is at a turning point on its road to prosperity and faces many challenges. Each challenge brings with it an opportunity to ‘dig new holes’. This workshop is a unique opportunity to hear from an international leader in regional development as well as local entrepreneurs and lead thinkers from within the region.

It is also an opportunity to make your voice heard and to contribute ideas, insights and experiences that could help shape the region’s future and to find those places to dig.

Lateral thinking is all about breaking existing patterns of thinking and revisiting old problems in a new light. It often starts with a provocation and “the best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas”Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Prize winner.

Dan Swinney, Executive Director, Manufacturing Renaissance (Chicago) previous visit in 2011 made an impact. His regional development model is based on developing a shared community vision and making an impact through collaborative action. It has now been replicated in a number of places throughout the US.

There is no shortage of initiatives within the region. This workshop is designed to allow some of those to be aired, but also to enable those committed to a sustainable region for their children and their grandchildren with the opportunity to suggest some of the ways and wares to carry this momentum forward.

This is an invitation to come and help us chart the way to a sustainable, resilient and relevant future that holds the promise of prosperity for all of Geelong’s business and community interests.

Cost: $66.00 (incl gst)
RSVP:     Thursday, April 23, 2015
For Further information:
Contact: Max Dumais, Ahead of the Game Pty Ltd
Mobile: 0438 213 532
Email: [email protected]
Robyn Nagle on 5222 8000 or [email protected]


9.30    Registration

10.00            Welcome and Workshop Overview: Cr Bruce Harwood, Chair – Enterprise Geelong and Director of Australian New Energy


10.05  Regional renaissance – an International Perspective

  • Dan Swinney, Executive Director – Manufacturing Renaissance. Developing a coalition of business, labour, government, education and community leadership with a focus on collaborative regional development and developing skills for emerging industries.

10.30  Regional Prosperity – A Barwon South West Regional Perspective. Chaired by Elaine Carbines, G21

  • Luke Fraser, CEO, Juturna Infrastructure – Claiming Geelong’s competitive advantages.
  • David Ashbridge, CEO Barwon Health – Geelong’s potential as a centre for advanced medical research and development.
  • Brad Dunstan, VCAMM Manufacturing with advanced materials manufacturing as part of Geelong’s future narrative
  • Rob McGavin, CEO, Boundary Bend – Building a vision in agriculture for Geelong’s prosperity

11.35   Keelie Hamilton, Enterprise Geelong – introduction

11.40  Dr Peter Ellyard, Futurist and author of Geelong 2010 – A Preferred Future 12.00  Design WorkshopRegional initiatives fostering prosperity

(Facilitated by Max Dumais using Zing – an innovative electronic meeting system to capture reactions, ideas and suggestions)

  • If you were to name the secret to Geelong’s success over the short, medium and long term future, what would it be and what could be done about it?
  • What would you consider to be the key focus that Geelong and its region should adopt and why?
  • In what ways could Geelong best call upon its unique capabilities, resources and skills to build prosperity and job security into the future?
  • Given Dan’s comments and experiences, what needs to happen after today to provide focus and direction as the foundation for future regional success?

1.00    Lunch:

Speaker: Michael Georgeff – founder and CEO of Precedence Health Care. He is a principal advisor to government in the US, Europe and Australia on IT technology in health care and e-business. Having been at the forefront of software innovation and commercialisation for over 30 years, Michael is ideally suited to explore some over the horizon opportunities for the region.

Supporting Organisations:

G21, Geelong Chamber of Commerce, Committee for Geelong, Deakin University, Northern Futures