Deputy PM treading the carpet in Geelong

May 27, 2022

In his first official visit as Deputy Prime Minister, Richard Marles MP visited GMC Sponsor & Oceania’s largest carpet maker, Godfrey Hirst in Geelong.

GMC CEO Jennifer Conley joined Marles, the first ever Geelong-based Deputy PM, and for two days earlier this week Acting PM, to see first hand the transformational programs underway at Godfrey Hirst’s South Geelong facility in sustainability, opportunities for future landfill diversion and waste recycling.

The 157 year old company produces 16 kilometres of carpet a day all in Geelong. Employing 360 people locally, more than 500 nationally, it is the largest carpet maker in Oceania, with around 40 per cent market share in Australia.

Mr Marles spoke at length to Australian head Jane Fletcher; COO Godfrey Hirst; Tania Pauling, the Australasia Regional Manager; Aaron Dawson, Commercial Carpet Manager responsible for sustainability projects; and Nick Golding, South Geelong site manager.

And he had a chance to see the Geelong site’s impressive graffiti artworks!