COVID-19 Resources for Manufacturers, March 23

March 24, 2020

Manufacturing has, for many years, been seen as the engine room of our economy. This has never been more stark than today, with the challenges that we face.

It’s vital that business continuity occurs as far as possible in order to preserve jobs, investment, businesses and security and wellbeing for the people that work within them.

Business continuity is essential and we are all in this together. It’s also an opportunity for Australia’s manufacturing sector to respond to these opportunities by demonstrating quality, timeliness, price competitiveness and advantages of being close to customer for the domestic market.

Its pleasing to see that Governments are responding to this crisis with support at a quantum never before seen.

GMC exists to help its members and we’re very much looking at ways we can help our members at the moment.

A members hotline has been established to respond to member’s needs. Member Hotline Phone 5222 8041.

This hotline will be staffed by experienced people that are able to help you. We are not trying to replace important information provided by government and departments, but we will act as a conduit for this information.

Our regular updates will include links to important government support and other information. We are able to take questions or issues from members and find a way to access the information and find some answers.

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A further area that has been identified at the moment is the opportunity for companies to contribute more to the economy through these difficult times. To this end we we are launching an opportunity analysis/identification project which will include talking to as many members as we can to find out how and where we can help them. This might include a new opportunity for your business that has been identified, to onshore work that was previously done offshore, greater collaboration with other members and diversification opportunities, as well as creating business opportunities that may not have been in existence before.

We will shortly being producing webinars on topical issues, bringing subject matter experts to you. Stay tuned for more details.

GMC is here to help. We are only as strong as our members and we are here to help our members get through this crisis.

I, and the GMC team, will continue calling as many members as possible to ensure we stay abreast of as many issues as we can at this difficult time.

David Peart
CEO, Geelong Manufacturing Council

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