Improve Sales Success by Finding Your Emotional Buyer

October 14, 2016

Too often when you’re trying to generate new sales leads, you will encounter the logical buyer. This can be characterised by a person(s) that is usually very price sensitive (for example procurement team, or purchasing department). They often have a vested interest in maintaining status quo and avoiding any disruption to their well-established supply chain (with the introduction of a new supplier).

This group most often will fail the isolation test. This test involves (you) assessing if this group can make a decision about purchasing your product/service whilst remaining isolated from the consequences of that decision. For example, if they stick with a non-performing supplier, are they directly impacted by a non-supply situation? If not, then they aren’t your ideal entry-point into a new business.

Instead, you should look for the emotional buyer. This is the person(s) that is less interested in the price of your product/service, and more interested in its function/form/benefits. This group (for example site manager, engineer, technician) feels the pain/consequence of a non-performing product, and often can directly influence a logical buyer to ensure they include certain suppliers for upcoming supply contracts.

The emotional buyer is often hard-to-find, but easy-to-sell-to and should be your primary entry point into a new business.

Written by Vlado Baban, Business Adviser, Entrepreneurs’ Programme