Geelong Manufacturers Reap Benefits of Leadership for Manufacturing Program

November 30, 2016

Participants of the GMC Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program graduated at the end of November sharing the impressive results of their improvement projects with peers and company sponsors. As well as increasing leadership skills, personal development, learning and networking opportunities, participants also delivered tangible benefits back to their business of over $250,000 per project, with many further unquantifiable benefits outlined.

Congratulations to all the participants!

Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Graduates
Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence 2016 Program Graduates

Their achievements included:

  1. Turnaround times reduced by 40% and further savings of $125,000 with the introduction of software system in local textile company
  2. Product quality improvements saving $300,000 through shuttle truck service optimisation in timber processing company
  3. BIM (Building Information Modelling) system implemented reducing project lead times and saving $170,000 in construction company
  4. A prioritisation tool created to highlight value of energy efficiency jobs, saving >$400,000
  5. Quality Management System configured to improve data integrity, save labour hours which reduced working capital by 68% in automotive parts manufacturer
  6. A number of 5S projects implemented to reduce wasted time, save on tool expenditure,  increase available space and improve workplace cleanliness saving on average $120,000 per project
  7. Over $130,000 saved in reduced labour and materials in redesign of testing equipment in automotive parts manufacturer
  8. $900,000 benefit gained in increased productivity and reduced costs following 5S, Visual Management and the introduction of team toolbox meetings in recycling plant
  9. $70,000 saved during paint coating process redesign in foundry operation
  10. Over $30,000 saved in reducing inventory holding following Jishuken event in automotive parts manufacturer
  11. Manual handling reduced and production output increased by 20% following layout changes in textile manufacturer

The Best Project of the Year Award went to Andrew and Tim McLean of GT Recycling. Their project covered all the elements required: a real business need identified, the implementation of tools and techniques learned,  demonstration of leadership skills to engage staff in new ways of working, results achieved and lessons learned along the way. Well done Andrew and Tim who have delivered increased productivity and revenue for the business!

Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence 2016 Winners
Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence 2016 Winners Tim & Andrew McLean of GT Recycling with facilitator Anthony Clyne and program manager Jenny Perks

The Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program is now entering its 6th year and in that time is estimated to have delivered over $20M of value to Geelong business through new products launched, new business developed, and many lead time, productivity and quality improvements.

We look forward to welcoming returning and new businesses to be a part of it in 2017!

The program will help your people to:

  • Develop their leadership capacity
  • Deliver real benefits where your business needs it
  • Build relationships and networks
  • Embed the tools and techniques to positively impact your business future

Booking information for next year’s Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence program will be released in early February 2017 with an anticipated start in April 2017.

Places for this game changing program are limited so if you don’t want to miss out you can always pre-register.

Email Jenny Perks to pre-register, secure your place or for more information.