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The new Federal Government has pledged it will “build a future made in Australia”, as part of its $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund.

GMC is proud to welcome special guest speaker, Professor Roy Green, to our next GMC Connect event on 28 June to help unravel what that might mean.

Professor Green is currently devising manufacturing strategy for NSW as part of the NSW Modern Manufacturing Taskforce and has held senior advisory roles for various governments over more than 20 years. He is also currently Chair of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub and the Port of Newcastle.

Roy Green

Special Guest Speaker Emeritus Professor Roy Green, who will provide an overview of the current Australian policy framework and what might lie ahead with the new Federal Government.

Roy is Emeritus Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, where he was Dean of the UTS Business School. He has published widely in the areas of innovation, industry and regional development policy, including projects with the OECD and European Commission. Roy chaired the Australian Government’s Innovative Regions Centre, CSIRO Manufacturing Sector Advisory Council, NSW Manufacturing Industries Advisory Council and Queensland Competition Authority. Currently, he chairs the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub and Port of Newcastle, and he is a director of the Innovative Manufacturing CRC and member of the NSW Modern Manufacturing Taskforce.

Jack Fitzgerald

Jack Fitzgerald, Director, Think Fencing

Jack has always disliked the word “Entrepreneur” however his closest friends and colleagues often use that term to describe him. From humble beginnings mowing neighbor’s lawns to founding a multi million dollar international manufacturing company he has grown Think Fencing to bring new products and revenue streams to the table, all whilst streamlining the manufacturing operations and driving marketing and commercial sales. Jack’s approach to business has been less about being an entrepreneur and more an innovator and disruptor to industry – asking “why not” when most people ask “why.”

Ross George

Ross George, Managing Director, Austeng & Chair, Geelong Tech School Advisory Committee

Ross commenced his career as a Project Engineer and established Austeng, a well-established company with an excellent engineering reputation in the design and manufacture of special purpose equipment for industry, over 25 years ago. Ross brings novel engineering design, flair and innovative thought to projects. He is also responsible for the overall direction of the company and heads the Estimating Department.

Ross was inducted as a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Australia in 2010 in recognition of his impressive background and sustained contribution to major engineering projects.

Justin Thompson

Justin Thompson, Director, Workforce XS Geelong

Justin has spent over 13 years in senior recruitment, HR and employment positions. He is an avid follower of recruitment trends paying particular attention to the ever changing demands of each industry to identify the best solutions possible. Justin has spent time in Directorial positions developing a thorough understanding of the importance of outsourced recruitment partners. Justin has worked in and for a number of industries including Blue and White collar sectors in both not for profit and private enterprise settings.

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