Supporting the retention & promotion of women in manufacturing

February 7, 2024

Savvy businesses understand the benefits of a diverse workforce, but often find it difficult to execute diversity and inclusion policies. But experience tells us that women in manufacturing and engineering roles aren’t always confident to develop their career, aren’t sure what the next step is career-wise or aren’t sure how to take the next step.

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Mentoring is recognised as effective in catalysing individual career development. Having an experienced resource available to guide their decision-making has helped many of our mentees develop clarity around their careers and to take on the next challenge.

Mentoring is a proven professional development approach for organisations, resulting in increased organisational commitment, a better sense of organisational/individual fit, better performance and has a significant positive impact on retention and advancement. A recent mentor said, “I was inspired by the competence, drive and ambition of a young female engineer and it reinforced the importance to industry that we retain that kind of talent in the workforce.”

Our mentors are women and men drawn from industry, with significant experience. Mentees value the knowledge, experience and important connections available via the program: “The program took me out of my comfort zone. It helped me gain confidence to involve myself more in my workplace. It also gave me the opportunity to network with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry.” 

The feedback we consistently receive from our mentors, and particularly our male mentors, identified that participating in the GMC WIMN Mentoring Program has helped them better understand the challenges faced by all diverse groups within their organisation and how to better utilise the skills and potential of these groups.

GMC is very pleased to offer the highly regarded Women in Manufacturing Network Mentoring Program again in 2024.

Open for expressions of interest

The program is now open for expressions of interest(EOI)  from potential mentees & mentors.

Mentees: If you’re a woman in the manufacturing or engineering industry, this program can help you clarify and drive your career development.

Mentors: This is a rewarding and informative program where you can develop your understanding of the practicalities of diversity and inclusion, while giving back to your industry.

This 10-month program includes:

  • Mentors and mentees are carefully matched based on industry, experience and program goals
  • Mentor and mentee induction sessions with our experienced facilitator helps participants understand what a mentor is (and isn’t), how to get the most out of the program and what to expect
  • 3 x networking and PD sessions with our experienced facilitator dive deeper into the mentoring relationship and overcoming some of the challenges uncovered
  • Mentors and mentees are required to commit to at least one one-on-one sessions during the program

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The 2024 WIMN Mentoring Program is supported by Viva Energy, Barwon Water, The Gordon and the Australian Government.