Training program nets significant savings for participants

November 10, 2022

Process improvements delivering savings as high as $400,000 and a new product line with projected revenue of $35 million were among projects implemented by graduates of the 2022 GMC Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence (LfME) program.

Last week 18 participants graduated GMC’s unique LfME program with workplace improvement project presentations to their peers and company sponsors.

Next level skills and knowledge-sharing among peers are major benefits from the LfME program. Through workshops and mentoring over eight months, the tailored program gives emerging manufacturers the tools to succeed in today’s environment while delivering an average return on investment to participating organisations of more than $300,000 per annum.

The LfME program brings together the key themes of innovation, lean, organisational change, and leadership through coaching, workshops, and in-house improvement projects of strategic significance.

In June 2022, participants joined the program, starting their leadership journeys and initiating a range of innovative workplace improvement projects.  To date over 200 individuals have graduated from this GMC training.

2022 Lfme Results