Strut Sustainability Focus

December 1, 2021

Local cleantech startup Strut is working with long established food & ag businesses to develop a range of systems, including their flagship product that provides real-time data from the paddock to help producers ensure precious water resources are only directed where & when they’re needed.

Strut COO, Ryan Veale, and Commercial Officer, Rhys Bischoff, told attendees at GMC’s recent AGM that they’ve been refining the product through partnerships with Boundary Bend and Leura Park Estate.

The Strut designed and made LoRaWAN sensors have been tested in the field under a range of trying conditions by both businesses. Ryan said that while there were learnings from the tests, the sensors themselves proved remarkably durable and the data provided was incredibly valuable to the producers.

The solar powered sensors, when placed around the groves or vineyards, create a full coverage network that reports data on air temperature, air humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature and light levels. The data is then presented on a Strut designed digital dashboard, providing valuable insights to make data-driven decisions – precision agriculture.

Strut is continuing to refine and expand their offerings with a number of new systems under development. The team is working with Boomaroo Nurseries to develop a custom solution to monitor seedling conditions. In the race to Net Zero emissions, Strut has developed a custom solution to research the potential for farm water bodies to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, and has partnered with Blue Carbon Lab to develop a low-cost alternative system for monitoring coastal wetlands’ blue carbon sequestration.

Strut were participants in GMC’s Regional Industry Collaboration Program and Cleantech Innovations Geelong.