Focus on Excellence Bolsters Growth

October 25, 2021

Brother and sister team Tom and Elly Hanlon have Geelong in their veins. So, when the family-owned business Hanlon Industries – started by their parents Paul and Theresa and run by themselves and brother Hugh – won the Geelong Business Excellence Award a week ago, they were over the moon.

“Geelong is such an important part of our business,” she said yesterday. The fast-growing company now employs 150 people, up from 120 in May this year, and owns four facilities across the country.

Hanlon Industries is renowned as one of Australia’s largest digital and static billboard manufacturers, and they regularly manage whole infrastructure projects. It was with great pleasure that GMC CEO, Jennifer Conley, announced Hanlon Industries as the winner of the 2021 Geelong Business Excellence Awards Advanced Manufacturing & Industry category on Tuesday, 19 October.

The family-owned Corio-based business has gone from strength to strength over recent years.

When accepting the award, General Manager People, Finance & Admin, Elly Hanlon paid tribute to the entire Hanlon’s team. She said that while the last 18 months had been difficult, the business has focused on improving systems, new technology and, importantly, their team.

“Our company walks the walk, rather than talks the talk,” she said. “I mean, we don’t usually do a lot of promotion so when we won the award, it was a huge boost for the team.”

“It just put our business at the forefront of our industry in a really tangible way.”

The Advanced Manufacturing & Industry category was sponsored by Geelong Manufacturing Council.

Presenting the Advanced Manufacturing & Industry Award (L to R): Tim Sheringham, Snr Operations Manager; Tom Hanlon, General Manager Operations; Jennifer Conley, CEO Geelong Manufacturing Council; Elly Hanlon, General Manager People, Finance & Admin; Theresa Hanlon, Director; Paul Hanlon, Managing Director; Paul Williams, Production Manager