Brockman plans further expansion into the defence sector

October 4, 2023

The world’s biggest oil, gas, and water companies, including GMC member Viva Energy, have long relied on Brockman, founded in 1922, for its bespoke bulk storage tanks — some up to 70 metres in diameter — as well as pressure piping and engineering solutions.

With fellow GMC member Hanwha recently being awarded the Land 400 Phase 3 contract to supply 120 infantry fighting vehicles, Brockman is planning further expansion into the defence supply chain.

Brockman recently completed the construction of two welded steel tanks at a defence base in the Northern Territory. Each tank holds 3,500,000 litres of jet fuel.

This exposure to the defence supply chain and Brockman’s specialised welding capability offers a good fit to Hanwha, says General Manager Matthew Redmond, who began in the role in February.  With Hanwha currently building its facility in Avalon, it is still early days, but Brockman is confident there will be future opportunities. 

“The engagement we have had with Hanwha, along with support from the GMC and the Office of Defence Industry Support, has been extremely helpful” says Mr Redmond.

Brockman, part of ASX-listed EVZ, is headquartered at Norlane. The workshop area is almost 4000 square metres and houses specialist equipment for the prefabrication, rolling, pressing, and welding  of steel.

“We have a skilled team in our workshop. They deliver high quality fabrication for our oil and gas and water clients. We believe our capabilities put us in a good position to support Hanwha’s future requirements” Mr Redmond says. 

While seeking further expansion into the defence sector, Brockman remains focused on its core business delivering liquid storage and transfer projects. Brockman serves water utilities such as Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water and Southeast Water, as well as energy companies such as Viva Energy and Woodside Energy.

“Steel plate is rolled in our workshop into a curved sheet around three metres high and nine metres long. The plates are then transported by truck to site and welded together. We use large, specialised welding machines to weld the plates. These machines are positioned on the tank using a crane. They weld around the circumference of the tank and the vertical seams between each plate. The floor of each tank is also constructed of steel plates, overlapped, and welded together. Roofs are constructed from steel plate or aluminium geodesic domes.”

The liquids stored in tanks constructed by Brockman are delivered to the community in various ways. Fuel for vehicles is distributed by road tanker to petrol stations, while jet fuel is distributed through a piping network to a hydrant. Water is delivered through a system of pipes and pumps, helped by the height of the tank, which provides pressure to push the water to the end user’s tap.

“I truly enjoy my role here at Brockman” says Mr Redmond. “We have a talented team of engineers, boilermakers, welders, and professional support staff who do amazing work. Our working culture is welcoming and supportive, while focused on delivering projects for our customers”

Brockman has around 170 staff Australia-wide, with around 60 located at Norlane.