Another win for both Geelong and the environment

September 6, 2023

GMC member GT Recycling will soon be recycling an additional 7,900 tonnes of plastics including polyethylene pipe and other large plastic products used by the construction and agricultural sectors, thanks to the Recycling Modernisation Fund. 

The waste, previously exported due to its size, will now be recycled in Australia and reprocessed into valuable new products.

This project will also generate two new jobs in Geelong. 

The Government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund is accelerating Australia’s circular economy so that when a product is no longer useful or required for its initial purpose, it is either reused, recycled or remanufactured.

Projects already announced under the Recycling Modernisation Fund will add over 1 million tonnes of processing capacity every year, keeping Australia’s waste out of landfill and supporting new jobs.

You can read more about the funding announcement here