GMC Annual General Meeting Highlights

November 29, 2018

The Geelong Manufacturing Council yesterday held its 2018 Annual General Meeting. Members and invited guests celebrated the past 12 months’ achievements and reflected on 20 years of support provided to the manufacturing industries of the Geelong region. The group welcomed new Chairman Lyn George of Austeng and paid tribute to David Sinclair (Plantic Technologies).

David Sinclair was honoured with the Brian Backwell Award for Industry Leadership for his 20-year tenure and leadership on the GMC board. The award was presented by Rob Backwell, Chair of the IXL Group and son of Brian Backwell. Rob shared a few interesting anecdotes, highlighting how proud Brian Backwell would be to see David Sinclair receive the award, and the continuing success of the GMC since its inception. Brian Backwell was the first chairman of the GMC board since its formation in February 1998. He added that Brian would find it very amusing that the award was presented on the same site that Backwell occupied until the early 70s (now The Rydges Hotel).

During the AGM, the Geelong Manufacturing Council welcomed Lyn George of Austeng Pty Ltd as new Chairman and thanked Jamie Baensch of Air Radiators Australia for his guidance and leadership in the past four years. Thys Heyns of Viva Energy Australia was voted onto the GMC board, replacing David Sinclair who is retiring.

Guest speaker of the event was Neville Gall of Vestas, who provided an overview of Vestas and the company’s Sustainable Energy Hub plans for Geelong.

It was also great catching up with Keelie Hamilton of The Gordon and Terry Hickey of Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and many more local members of the Geelong Manufacturing Council.

The Annual General Meeting was attended by 50 members and selected invited guests.