Polymeric Powders Launches in Geelong

October 9, 2017

Geelong’s newest manufacturer, Polymeric Powders, launched on September 15.  Polymeric Powders have developed a manufacturing process to break down used tyres into a ‘crumb’ material. This high value base product, created from a massive scale ongoing waste product, can be reconstituted and used in the production of pipes, 3D printing powders and as a replacement for ABS plastics. ENG member Austeng has been instrumental in working with Polymeric Powders to help deliver the manufacturing facility in North Geelong. Financial support for the project was provided by Cleantech Innovations Geelong (CIG). CIG is a collaboration of the Geelong Manufacturing Council/ENG, The City of Greater Geelong and the Victorian Government to support the adoption and/or the manufacture of cleantech products and services in the Geelong region.