Women In Manufacturing Network

Women in Manufacturing Network WIMNThe Women in Manufacturing Network (WIMN) is an initiative of the Geelong Manufacturing Council aimed at promoting, supporting and encouraging the participation of women in manufacturing and engineering roles. Our vision is for increased participation rates of women across these sectors in Geelong.

We raise awareness of the benefits of careers in manufacturing and engineering for young women through facilitating industry role-model guest speakers at schools and through our support of other school-based initiatives such as Girls Learn About Advanced Manufacturing (GLAM), Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge and Girls’ Big Day Out (GBDO), and networks such as Deakin’s Women in Engineering.

WIMN is a vibrant support network with a dynamic calendar of networking and personal/professional development events such as panel discussions, networking evenings and guest presentations featuring women with extensive experience in the manufacturing and engineering sectors and leaders in the diversity space. We share career journeys, motivations, successes and challenges. We explore key drivers of change to increase female participation in the manufacturing sector.

The Women in Manufacturing Network is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation & Science Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship Programme.

You’ll find more information and resources on the Women in Manufacturing Network Resources page.

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Women in Manufacturing Network Resources

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