Drive Your Business Growth with Advisory Boards

  • May 30 2019 - 9:00am
  • Venue: Geelong Conference Centre

Knowing the best course of action can be difficult for SME business leaders, even more so when poising your business for growth. That’s why harnessing the expertise of an Advisory Board makes excellent sense.

This half day workshop will help you understand the benefits of an Advisory Board and how to establish one that will support you in driving business growth. During the workshop, delivered by local expert accountants and advisors Moore Stephens, you will learn:

  • Considerations for establishing an Advisory Board: the aims, size, skill sets of participants, frequency of meetings, preparation and time commitment, cost with the group
  • Experience and characteristics businesses should be looking for in an Advisory Board
  • Benefits of having an Advisory Board including accountability, formality of strategy, risk management, accessing external skills
  • Real-life Advisory Board case studies, including the reasons for establishment and what improvements were achieved
  • The circumstances where a business may not be ready for an Advisory Board
  • Key ingredients including charter, insurance, identifying relevant trusted advisors
  • Process of recruitment and on-boarding of Advisory Board members
  • Measures of success including profitability, risk incidences, management efficiency and adherence to strategy, culture and morale, stakeholder relationships, exit/succession effort