Leading Change That Sticks

  • August 10 2017 - 8:30am
  • Venue: Geelong Conference Centre

How to lead change that sticks!

Get the very latest on the solutions that will help you front up to increasing change and complexity in this age of disruption. Learn what brain science tells us about why change is hard, and to diagnose your own below-conscious relationship to change. Learn how to build resilience and communicate change with greater confidence, flexibility and impact.

With up to 70% of organisational change initiatives failing, what will be your edge?


This keynote address and discussion with leadership & change expert, Corrinne Armour, is hosted by the GMC Women in Manufacturing Network supported by the Geelong Quality Council.

Corrinne is Known for her provocative and yet empathetic approach, results focus and the ability to tell it like it is, Corrinne empowers leaders and teams to embrace Fearless Leadership and build Fearless Cultures. The messages of her speaking, training and coaching are grounded in the competing realities of the workplace and the challenges of being a leader, known for her energy, courage, positivity, and strong results focus, Corrinne shows leaders how to release the human potential in their careers, teams and organisations and she seen as a provoker of change and growth.

Corrinne is co-author of ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’ and ‘Cracking the Code for Workshop Performance’. She is author of the forthcoming ‘Coaching Skills for Fearless Cultures’. She works with leaders and teams from a diverse range of industries, such as finance, health, government, construction, arts and aged care. The common thread is that all have a willingness to get out of their own way, and the commitment to achieve their potential.

GMC WIMN GQC Joint Event


The Women in Manufacturing Network is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation & Science Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship Programme.