Godfrey Hirst recent success in the Industry Innovation Program

January 16 2017

Godfrey Hirst manufactures carpet with a variety of natural and synthetic yarns, delivering an array of carpet styles and performance characteristics. The company is the largest Carpet manufacturer in Australasia.

In August, a meeting at Godfrey Hirst kicked off a challenging collaborative project for Deakin University and the Godfrey Hirst technical team. The challenge was to research, redesign and develop componentry for tufting machines that would boost the efficiency of manufacturing through quick replacement of ‘fast wearing’ parts and to improve employee health and safety via enhanced ergonomics.

A detailed review of the current technology and manufacturing procedures was undertaken, following which a number of concept solutions were developed at Deakin with the aid of 3D design and printing.

The concept options were jointly assessed, with a design selected for machine trials. If trials prove successful the solution will provide Godfrey Hirst with a unique OH&S solution and a significant improvement to productivity enabling Godfrey Hirst to remain competitive against global competition.

Many companies in Geelong like Godfrey Hirst have benefited from being part of the IIP. You can join in the benefits too in 2017!

Merry Christmas to you all and a safe and happy new year from Mike Williams

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