ICT Survey – your Internet in Geelong

September 14 2015map

High speed internet is a key enabler of innovative manufacturing in Geelong.

The rollout of the NBN has discouraged Telcos from investing BUT the NBN won’t come to Geelong for the next 2-5 years. Can a consortium of businesses make something happen? We would like your opinion. The Survey is located at  http://tinyurl.com/ofcqy3w

ICT Geelong is researching the Geelong Internet Blackspots in association with Deakin University ITS.

This is a survey for the Geelong Broadband Network. We will share information from this survey with third-parties such as Telcos to encourage them to invest in a better stopgap solution. You may withhold any answers you are uncomfortable answering, and you may end the survey at any time. There will also be contact details if you wish for your information to be destroyed.

We will send information to your email address if there is any progress from this project. Any questions you can’t answer, can be followed up later.

We look forward to your response and value your input, this is an ongoing effort locally to improve Geelong’s internet access and speed.