Networking and lobbying for manufacturing professionals

The Geelong Manufacturing Council undertakes a range of submissions and advocacy activities with government and other bodies to assist industry in the Geelong region. We deal with the submissions and presentations, decision monitoring and intelligence gathering, profile raising and advocacy on behalf of the manufacturing sector in this region.

The GMC believes that the industry in Geelong should be on a similar competitive footing with industry in Melbourne with respect to infrastructure, services, costs and government charges and taxes.

The views of regional industry are put forward through submissions to relevant inquiries such as the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission review of manufacturing, and participation in forums such as the Geelong Export Network, the Barwon Water Trade Waste Consultative Committee and the Regional Migration Incentive Project.

If you have a project, view or concern you would like to have considered more closely, contact us here at the Geelong Manufacturing Council and let us work with you to have it addressed.