Building Geelong's industrial synergies

The Geelong Manufacturing Council is committed to building industrial synergies; that is, when a cooperative or combined action occurs between diverse or disparate groups of people with varying viewpoints working together. The objective is to increase effectiveness by sharing perceptions, insights and knowledge.

Synergy is more than just working together to achieve a common objective. The power of synergy lies in the reality that “when solving problems, groups are often smarter than the smartest people within them” (Surowiecki, 2004, p. G1).

With the globalisation of both large corporations and small businesses, it is vital that the manufacturing industry is fully aware of the impact of trends at a domestic and international level. These global factors are demanding a restructuring of organisations of all sizes and at all levels, and the benefits of working with the interests of the industry as a whole is paramount to the growth of manufacturing in the region.