Sustainable Opportunities for Manufacturing

Sustainable Opportunities for Manufacturing
The Geelong Manufacturing Council is actively pursuing sustainable opportunities in manufacturing which focuses on identifying new opportunities for Geelong’s manufacturing industry, through working with existing industry and attracting new industry. This project is of high importance to the future growth of manufacturing.

Funding Assistance for this project was provided through the Commonwealth Government under its Regional Assistance Programme, administered by the Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business.

This project aimed to examine Geelong's competitive advantages in areas that will grow in the future. The application of new technology to the manufacturing industry will be promoted through this project. This project is essential for the continued growth of the region's manufacturing industry.



Key Findings of project

To achieve this the following actions need to be pursued

The Geelong Manufacturing Council has developed a list of 42 actions from this project and is actively pursuing these commensurate with resourcing levels and opportunities.