Geelong manufacturing group industries

Geelong is one of Australia’s foremost manufacturing centres, with a long and rich history. The primary industries in the region include foodchemicals and refiningtimber processingmetaltextiles, clothing and footwear and engineering.

Chemicals and Refining

Viva Energy’s Geelong Refinery is one of the largest oil refineries in the Southern Hemisphere and is located in Geelong. The refinery provides half of Victoria’s petroleum fuel and almost all of Tasmania’s requirements and employs more than 500 people directly and is serviced by over 50 engineering contracting companies. The shipment of petroleum products…

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The region has developed an extensive engineering capability to support local industry. This capability largely developed to service major industry but has grown to tap new markets. Engineering Network Geelong (ENG) was formed by more than 43 companies in 2009 as a major initiative to develop and grow the engineering sector in the region. Engineering…

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Geelong is home to a large number of food processors and food and beverage product suppliers. Products are sourced locally and from the Western District of Victoria. A significant proportion of Geelong’s workforce is employed in the processing of food products such as chicken, beef and seafood. Our leading companies include: Golden Farms Boundary Bend…

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Geelong’s metals industry expertise is strong. Alcoa first began the manufacture of aluminium ingot at its Point Henry plant in 1963 and has been Victoria’s largest exporter. Other metals activities has included Alcoa aluminium coil and sheet product. Backwell IXL has operated a foundry since 1858 and now supplies products to the aluminium industry and…

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Fibre and Textiles

Geelong was founded on the strength of its textiles, clothing and footwear industries, with the region’s long association with the wool industry resulting in the establishment of a number of wool and textile-related industries. Godfrey Hirst Australia, for example, is the country’s leading and largest carpet manufacturer and is based in Geelong. Geelong and the Surf…

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Timber Processing

Timber processing is an emerging industry sector for Geelong due to the access of the city to raw materials. Industry in Geelong has access to an excellent transport and logistics infrastructure, including the major Port of Geelong. The shipment of bulk woodchip and softwood and hardwood logs are among the region’s major overseas exports. Leading companies…

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